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How to hire
Developers Quickly
and Cost-Effectively?

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Value for:

Companies who had to hire at least one developer during the last 6 months
Companies who plan to hire at least one developer during the next 12 months
Heads of HR and IT/ Development department

Top 2 pains
of Finding
New Developers

1. Consumes a lot of resources

To find 1 Senior Engineer takes 2-4 weeks:

2. Cost of mistake is huge

If the Candidate does not meet the expectation:
  • budget to hire - spent
  • budget to onboard and trial (salary) - spent
  • your team member is busy with new person → distract from core duties
    accrued revenue

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Best fit for those who:

  • Needs developers;
  • Has an HR department and recruiting processes;
  • Wants to be responsible for the recruiting processes;
  • Wants to benefit from another source of great candidates;
  • Has management of software development projects;
  • Has resources to manage new people.



You will get:

  • CV with Key skills and level, previous project examples;
  • Meaningful Intro;
  • Recommendation from our Tech Lead - What is the candidate good for;
  • Video of the Interview (by request).

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Why trust Gera-IT?

17 years
of commercial experience
since 2006
Deliver projects 2x faster than
in-house teams
Partnering with
448 IT Agencies to provide qualitative candidates fast
Employee Tenure - 21% higher than median
62% of Gera-IT devs
are Senior level
with 5+ years
of commercial
3 offices
in Ukraine
and EU
* Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022

Our clients say - Verified Clutch reviews

Gera-IT really put their heart into the projects. They weren’t driven by money.
Anthony Acquatey-Mensah
Product manager
The team was friendly as well as highly efficient and transparent; they made the collaboration seamless.
I’ve hired hundreds of development teams, but this group is the best,
by far.
We were impressed with their sound advice and recommendations.
Mikkel Lindhard
CEO and Founder
Gera-IT’s team is very knowledgeable and has stellar technology skills.
Greg Provo


Choose any of the options,
and you will:
  • Access experts & strong
  • Get tailored solutions;
  • Responsive tech partner;
  • Scale up/down without
  • Save on maintenance
    & overhead.
Newsletter with
Available Devs’ CVs
Outstaff / Tech Team Augmentation
Outsource / Project Development
CV Newsletter
Additional channel of good candidates & extra resources
on all steps of hiring process
Monthly invoice
Tech Team scaling up and down easy and fast with experts
Closing all your needs in hiring process
T&M with budget control
Time tracked * rate = invoice
Implement your idea 2x faster than the in-house team
  • Unavailability of resources;
  • Cost savings;
  • Access to specialized skills
Hiring Process
Project Management
Product Management
HR / sick leaves / holidays

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+10% to productivity
+55% to productivity
+100% to productivity
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