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Developers of our company have successfully completed custom software development and sub-contracting projects for customers in the USA, Great Britain, Europe, Australia and Ukraine. We are greatfull to all our customers for enabling us to take part in the creation of interesting and unforgettable projects.
Mark Little
CEO of

Gera-IT able provide technical resources to help in the development of Storyful's digital systems over the course of 2 years. They worked with us on a daily basis in maintaining code and servers. They communicated well over the distance and we could rely on them at all hours.

StoryfulSee project info
Analytical platform for social media
Tim Lloyd
Founder of

Gera-IT has delivered our company great value. High quality work at a reasonable price. Gera allows me great visibility in to the development process, and there was never a time when I didn't know what was going on. Gera's client facing people all have strong English language skills, both written and spoken, and excellent communication skills. Those are different to me because one is mechanical and the other is attitude. To me excellent communications means that the misunderstandings that always arise between people are noticed early and corrected quickly. I don't foresee changing development partners.

Matthijs Jorissen
CEO of

Shop2market is an Award winning cloud application for Campaign Management. From the start, Gera-IT was our development partner and showed a strong capacity for developing innovative, scalable cloud applications with cutting edge technologies. The success of Shop2market is largely due to the capabilities of Gera-IT.

Bob Frady
CEO of
Free Home Risk

We've really enjoyed working with the team at GERA-IT. We searched through dozens of companies before selecting GERA-IT, as the business model we wanted to put in place was a complicated mix of geography and data. We have been extremely pleased with the speed, inventiveness, and intelligence of the entire team.

Randall Mills
CTO of
Health Ultimate Corporation

Gera-IT has one the best IT outsourcing company I've work with in my 25 years as an information technology manager. Their project manager assigned to our company is very knowledgable and really cares about our projects. Their programmers are very talented in providing "out-of-the-box" programming solutions. We have been very pleased with Gera-IT as our outsourced IT application department.

David Navies
Project is
under NDA

We have been working with Gera IT now for coming up to 2 years and the day I was introduced to Gera has been critical in the success of my business. From the very first step when I had a basic vision in my head, Gera have been there to help make it a reality. The product they have built us is second to none and enabled us to take a position as the market leader in our sector.

I very much consider Gera an extended part of my team and a special mention to the incredibly talented team of developers and project managers I have had the pleasure of working with on my journey so far (Sergey, Vadym, Evgeniy, Alex R and Mihail).

I would very much recommend Gera and look forward to continuing to develop the platform together in the future.

Boz Kay
Founder of

GeraIT develop in Ruby to a high standard, with a friendly and professional team of great communicators.

Peter Gough
Founder of

It became apparent immediately when dealing with Gera-IT that they were the perfect partners for this project. When scoping the project with Gera-IT team, I was impressed with the instant understanding of my objectives, and their ability to offer intelligent suggestions & solutions in terms of project development. To sum up - my project is being delivered ahead of schedule, to a tight budget and above specification. Could not ask for more! I will 100% be working with them again in the future, and will recommend Gera-IT as the perfect partner team.

Chuck Beattie
Founder of

Gera-IT has worked with us on a number of projects and has provided professional results and support. This bright team is good to communicate with and understands our project needs quickly. BeImmunized.com is and example of the continuous improvement process we have jointly implemented for this product and others. We value our working relationship with Gera and appreciate the quality work they do.

Michiel van Gaalen
Founder of
No Tags No Glory

It is a pleasure working with Gera-IT on our projects. They have a very structured way of working which gives us insight in progress and cost of our project. We recommend working with Gera-IT team on your programming efforts!

Bart Gruyaert
Founder of

I like to work with Gera-It because of their consistent method and result.

They are very well organized and engaged to deliver the best possible result. I hope that you will have the pleasure to work with their team soon and share the same experience as us

Ray Leavitt
Founder of

We are very appreciative of the Gera-IT team and all of the hard work, dedication and sacrifice it took to be EvoLux's beta platform development partner. Igor and his team were very professional, always very responsive to our needs, and they did their best to put our specifications to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. I was very impressed with how organized the GeraIT team was and how organized it kept us on our end. We look forward to reigniting the next phase of development with the GeraIT and recommend them as a Top-Tier Ruby on Rails Development shop partner for any start-up or 2nd stage tech company.

Matthew Lally
Founder of
Pack Events

I develop applications in Rails as well as mobile apps. Gera-IT have been supporting many of my projects since 2012. I've been very happy with their work, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great overseas team.

Manuel Neumann
Founder of

Thank you very much for the great job. Especially to Mihail. He did a great and fast job. We will again work together with you, if we have more opportunities.

Steve Greenberg
Founder of

I have been extremely pleased with the work Gera IT have done for my company. They have been extremely easy to work with, have delivered high quality work, and have done so at a reasonable cost.

Tom Peeters
Founder of

Gera-IT team is very professional and skillful. They demonstrate great ability to scale team and offer great performance. We had some challenging moments on the project and every time they helped us to win! I would recommend this team for all projects that require best quality and dedication.

Adam Black
Founder of

Gera-IT displayed continuous diligence and a detail approach to the KeyWifi project and continually found ways to solve problems and create great information flow. They were very helpful and I would be happy to recommend them as business partners

Will Kern
Founder of

It has been a pleasure working with Gera-IT throughout every step of our development process. The team has produced excellent results, they are extremely knowledgeable of the technology that was chosen, they are extremely timely with their deliverables and are extremely reliable

Founder of
Scheduling Solutions for Hospitals (NDA)

Over the past 10+ years, we have built and matured an extremely sophisticated physician scheduling application, and Gera-IT has been a key development partner from the beginning. Some of the key resources are viewed as part of our core team, and have been instrumental in helping us develop and support the application. During major initiatives, Gera has been able to help us scale up the team temporarily so that we could meet our goals in the desired timeframe. They understand the priorities within our business, and aren't afraid to work hard when an extra effort is needed.

Francois Briard
Founder of

Gera IT's developers were able to take over a fragile online community platform and turn it around into a stable/high-load social network, by optimizing it and implementing new complex functionalities into it.

Mikkel Lindhard
Founder of

Gera-IT has helped us bring simple to complex ideas to life with simplicity, constructive inputs and hassle free project periods. We are looking forward to build and maintain many more projects in the future with their team.

Toby Benedyk
Founder of

We initially started working with Gera to provide us with temporary support to meet our development schedule. They were so impressive that we added more developers and have since become an integral part of our team. They are very easy to communicate with, friendly and eager to help. They are able to work independently, as well as under supervision. Everything is built to excellent development standards and they understand our needs as a business so often suggest new ways to implement features and functionality. I have worked with other development companies in the past and none have come close. I would recommend Gera-IT to anyone.

Claude Hayn
Founder of

I have known about Gera-IT for about 15 years. They were highly recommended to us back then by the lead technical folks at AOL. Gera-IT understands the project development process. The team is working to implement them into a solution creating ideas for the project's progress.

Each step was well-documented and fully explained. Additionally, one of the best things is that your ideas have to make sense to Gera-IT or you will get talked out of them. This is been most helpful.

Marc Bandt
CTO of

Gera-IT’s high-quality deliverables and efficient process led to a profitable contract. The team’s speed, expertise, and thoroughness set them apart from other vendors.

I have worked with Gera-IT before with satisfactory results, that's why I chose to work with them again.

They helped build a Ruby on Rails enterprise application that complies with HIPAA requirements. Our product targets the clinical trial industry and the requirements for a focused multiple sclerosis eye exam.

Gera-IT managed the project with great discipline — they gathered requirements in a focused manner and provided good documentation. They delivered on time and within our budget, with no bugs or quality issues.

Nolan Johnson
Founder of

Gera-IT developed the whole project using Ruby on Rails. I worked with the CTO at the beginning to set the scope, articulate the use case, and brainstorm ideas. They managed the whole process from design to development, including the UI/UX.

The project manager was excellent; everything I asked for was completed more or less exactly the way we discussed and in a timely manner. They did everything perfectly. In general worked with up to eight people, including designers, developers, UI/UX specialists, and the CTO.

I appreciated Gera-IT's accuracy and precision in execution. That level of competency is pretty hard to find. They listen incredibly well and execute on what you want. We brainstormed together and really collaborated. They also integrated their own ideas and suggestions, which I generally liked.

Anthony Acquatey-Mensah
Product Manager of
BioAnalyt GmbH

Gera-IT’s excellent turnaround time and development work resulted in a thoroughly tested and highly scalable decision-making tool. They demonstrated a genuine interest in the project’s success, proactively giving their own advice to ensure the app’s longevity.

We had previously worked with a freelancer, so Gera-IT took what we had already developed at that point and revamped it. They also fixed some bugs and introduced a lot of new features to the tool.

Gera-IT fixed all of the bugs in the system, made everything more streamlined, and ensured that we have a good foundation for further developments.

Jim Stewart
CTO of
Stewart Digital Affairs

Gera-IT has completed the entire process thoroughly to build a seamless application. Their smart team is impressive to provide effective work styles. They have also communicated well in providing updates.

I'm very happy working with GERA-IT, they are very smart. We're still woking with them and going on a 10 year relationship.

Piet Hein van der Kroon
CEO of
Vital Orange

The current project was to build on HTML-5 IT platform for registering health tests at home or booking the test at a location and securely sharing the laboratory results with our users from scratch.

The project management of Gera-IT is very well aligned with the customer. They are very responsive, friendly and very professional. Commitment to the project is one of their strongest points. Delivery and timing is on point.

My overall experience is great and I have no specific recommendations to improve.

Greg Feld-Davidovici
Co-Founder of

Gera IT were very successful in improving our technology and orchestrating our back end whilst building our V2 product suite which helped us achieve our business goals whilst dramatically improving our technology.

The project management was efficient and timely with daily stand ups and transparency across all teams. Even though when building software there are always inevitable delays Gera IT were professional to work with.

I think there are always difficulties working with new people however Gera IT were always Accommodating and helpful

Volodymyr Potapenko
CEO of

We needed rewriting of the existing code Integrations Full back-end development using RoR

The project has been delivered on time, within budget, guys helped with maintainance. They were real tech geeks and a result-driven team.

Saeed Al Falasi
Executive Director
Dubai Future Foundation

Selected out of a pool of 245 applicants, we are proud to have welcomed Gera-IT, the first Ukrainian company to take part in the Dubai Future Accelerators program in partnership with Emirates Airlines to increase the efficiency of their procurement systems. Throughout the 9 week program, I was pleased to witness the teams’ full commitment and drive towards addressing the given Emirates Airlines challenge, analyze their current situation as well as develop a customized system that can be integrated within the airlines

Gera-IT has one the best IT outsourcing company I've work with in my 25 years as an information technology manager. Their project manager assigned to our company is very knowledgable and really cares about our projects. Their programmers are very talented in providing "out-of-the-box" programming solutions. We have been very pleased with Gera-IT as our outsourced IT application department.

Randall Mills
CTO of
Health Ultimate Corporation

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