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We As a trusted healthcare development company, we collaborate with startups, private clinics, hospitals, medtech organizations, and pharmacies to design, build, and promote mobile and web health-tech solutions.
Partnering with Gera-IT, you ensure top-quality healthcare software development services.

Unlocking the Potential of Next-Generation Healthcare Experiences

Rise of Telemedicine

In 2022, the global telehealth market was valued at USD 83.5 billion. Projection: 24.0% CAGR from 2023 to 2030.
Partner with us for cutting-edge solutions in this booming field.

Data's Transformative Growth

Healthcare generates 30% of global data volume.By 2025, healthcare data will grow 36% annually. That’s 10% faster than financial services, and 11% faster than media & entertainment.
Tap into our expertise to harness and secure your data.

Safeguarding Data Integrity

Healthcare data breaches cost $10.1M on average (more than any other industry).
Elevate your security measures with our solutions.

AI Revolutionizing Healthcare

AI market to reach USD 178.66B by 2030.
Optimize patient outcomes and efficiency with AI through our guidance.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Dominance

Over 85% of US doctors use EHR system.
Our specialization in EHR development streamlines workflows.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

50 million Americans use remote patient monitoring.
We've crafted two full-featured RPM solutions in just 4 years.

Integration for Safer Care

Full integration prevents 60% of patient harm events.Miscommunication contributes to 80% of serious medical errors.
Trust our solutions for seamless healthcare collaboration.

Conversational Care Revolution

Healthcare chatbots save hospitals' costs globally.
Our chatbot experiences redefine patient interactions.

Data privacy by design

Today there lots of laws and regulations are developed in security and personal data protection sphere.

For each startup or solution, device or application there is need to comply with standards of specific categories, classes specific countries.

Many countries start to treat software as medical devices and require compliance with proper standards:

3 major categories (Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD)):

Non-invasive devices (1-4)
Invasive medical devices (5-8)
Active medical devices (9-13)
Special Rules (14-22)

Classification for devices in EU (Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745):

And ISO 13485, which is designed to be used by organizations involved in the design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices and related services.

Personal Information (PI)

Laws and regulations - how to store, transmit, make accessible and protect personal information:


We learned details of top security frameworks
We know how to integrate the requirements into your product by design to make it applicable for the standards
We help to save costs when we start on early stage
We help to fix issues for any product

Protected Health Information (PHI)

HIPAA requirements
NIST recommendation (one of options how to be HIPAA compliant)
Another options - ISO 27001, SOC2
Requirements to create a HIPAA-Compliant Solution
Risk Assessment and Management
Audit Trails and Logging
Our employees are well strained for standards
Data Encryption
on rest / on transit
Physical and Environmental Safeguards
Backup Services
Incident Response Plan
Access Controls
Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
Secure Disposal of Data

Behind Your Success: Our Expert R&D Team

Choose what you need:
Augment your team
Outsourcing (sub) project
We redefine outsourcing as an avenue for expertise and scalability, not just cost savings. With a proven record in commercial projects, our professionals bring their excellence to every project, amplifying your success.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Across Niches

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Boost clinical efficiency with our EMR and EHR solutions, ensuring quick and secure access to comprehensive patient records.
Creating a universal RPM solution poses a challenge due to the uniqueness of each niche. We meticulously explore the intricate nuances encompassing behavior, legalities, and economics. This exhaustive research guides the development of a solution that optimally enhances outcomes for physicians, patients, and revenue streams.

Health-Assistive Smart Homes / Assisted living

Empower individuals to live independently through our smart home technologies tailored to assisted living requirements. Scheduling to inventory management.
Within this specialized domain, technology caters to the requirements of individuals with disabilities. Here, we unlock the potential for them to lead a more secure and enriched life, diverging from the conventional. This advancement not only benefits the individuals but also extends its advantages to hospitals, insurance entities, patients' loved ones, and the patients themselves.

TeleHealth Software

Bring healthcare to your fingertips with our TeleHealth software, enabling seamless online consultations and virtual medical services.
Telemedicine is becoming a ubiquitous offering. Every healthcare institution must now possess the capability to facilitate remote video/audio consultations. It's imperative that these solutions seamlessly integrate with internal electronic systems and databases, while being meticulously tailored to the distinctive framework of healthcare services.

Healthcare Chatbots / Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Transform patient interactions with AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants, providing instant support round-the-clock.
Subpar chatbots lead to patient dissatisfaction, prompting queries like "operator, chat with operator." However, an exceptional conversational experience not only boasts user-friendliness but also empowers patients to explore their options, gain insightful consultations, understand upcoming procedures, manage appointments, and notably alleviate the burden on call centers. Moreover, our capability to orchestrate dialog scenarios inviting thousands of users in parallel is a testament to our efficiency. As one of our clients aptly put it, "The conversion and engagement is awe-inspiring!"

EMR and EHR Software Solutions

Boost clinical efficiency with our EMR and EHR solutions, ensuring quick and secure access to comprehensive patient records.
The core aspects encompass:
  • Obtain a centralized solution that seamlessly merges patient data and medical practitioners.
  • Employ standardized protocols for integration with fellow healthcare entities.
  • Reap the advantages of process automation, expediting secure patient data access for designated physicians

Practice / Hospitals Management Software

Revolutionise hospital operations with our management software, streamlining tasks from appointment scheduling to inventory management.
Beyond EMR/EHR solutions, a plethora of opportunities awaits to amplify your practice's efficiency. Implement a dynamic CRM solution, streamline operations with automated scheduling and workforce management, seamlessly integrate call center operations and patient services, automate inventory and supply management, and unlock even more enhancements.

Integrations / ETL / Robotic Process Automation

Drive process efficiency with our cutting-edge integration services, ETL solutions, and robotic process automation, eliminating data redundancy and manual tasks.
In today's healthcare landscape, organizations comprise a diverse array of systems, devices, medical professionals, personnel, and services. This intricate framework demands precise calculations, meticulous analysis, and thorough verification to optimize treatment quality and speed. Integration emerges as the linchpin, diminishing inefficiencies, fostering innovation in service offerings, enhancing patient care, and significantly reducing the time physicians spend on communication hurdles.

Healthcare IoT

Leverage the power of IoT to enhance patient care with our solutions, enabling real-time health tracking and data-driven insights.
In the modern landscape, an abundance of devices stands primed for connection, data provision, and communication. These encompass sensors, medical hardware, intelligent software, and AI services. Our expertise lies in crafting cloud-based or on-premise solutions that seamlessly merge with these diverse devices. We not only store the data they furnish but also dissect it meticulously, culminating in the generation of insightful alerts.

Healthcare Startups

Kickstart your healthcare startup with our comprehensive software services, providing the technological backbone for your innovative ideas.
In the startup realm, healthcare unfolds as a multifaceted domain, rich with patient nuances. An abundance of data necessitates patient interaction, as novel technologies continue to surface. Each medical condition or patient demographic presents an avenue for transformative change and compassionate innovation. Our mission is resolute: to empower startups in crafting patient-centric solutions, fortifying governance, refining insurance systems, and propelling innovation across the healthcare spectrum.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Meet your unique healthcare needs with our custom software solutions, designed and developed to overcome your specific challenges.
Navigating healthcare can be intricate for patients, involving extensive data communication. Rapid technological advancements further complicate the landscape. Virtually every ailment or patient category offers potential for transformation, automation, and empathetic development. Our mission is to assist in this journey, infusing patient-centric care, enhancing government and insurance systems, and ushering in effective disruption and automation.

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