A Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

A Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Team involved

1 Business analyst/ Product Owner

3 Fullstack Ruby Engineers

2 Mobile Application Developer

1 Project Manager

1 UI/UX Designer

1 DevOps Engineer

1 Quality Assurance Engineer


Gera-IT’s high-quality deliverables and efficient process led to a profitable contract. The team’s speed, expertise, and thoroughness set them apart from other vendors.

I have worked with Gera-IT before with satisfactory results, that's why I chose to work with them again.

They helped build a Ruby on Rails enterprise application that complies with HIPAA requirements. Our product targets the clinical trial industry and the requirements for a focused multiple sclerosis eye exam.

Gera-IT managed the project with great discipline — they gathered requirements in a focused manner and provided good documentation. They delivered on time and within our budget, with no bugs or quality issues.

Marc Bandt

CTO of

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Back End
Back End
Business Analysis
Business Analysis
Front End
Front End
UX/UI design
UX/UI design

Technologies and Integrations

Ruby on rails
Android Native

AdaptivMD is an RPM system designed to enable clinicians and patients to monitor vital signs, medications, and other CHF-related symptoms with accuracy, consistency, and comfort.

The Key System Aspects:

HIPAA compliant and uses the NIST security framework to ensure that all sensitive patient data is handled and stored with the utmost security and privacy.

Captures and monitors patients' vital signs and transmits them in real-time for continuous monitoring and early intervention.

• Allows clinicians to communicate with patients remotely, making it easy to maintain involvement in patient care.

• Extremely easy to use, requiring minimal setup and training for patients and clinicians.


Gera-IT Team began developing AdaptivMD many years ago, starting from the ground up. The Client approached us with the vision of utilizing technology to create digital solutions that could mitigate health disparities, enhance the quality of life, and promote longer periods of independent living for individuals.

During 5 years of successful partnering, AdaptivMD became a complex technological system, which includes a web platform, mobile app, Android tablets, and medical devices for Vital Sign measurements.

We have implemented such major features as:

✔️TeleMedicine, to simplify communication between Physicians, Clinical Staff, and Patients;

✔️Data Analytics Insights;

✔️Predictive Analytics;

✔️Smart Alert Engine;

✔️Billing Charge Items generation per CPT codes;

✔️Time Tracking;


✔️EMR/EHR system integrations;

✔️Medication Tracking.

Many more to come as the AdaptivMD project is continuously evolving.

How it works

The solution integrates multiple technologies and sensors that allow monitoring of patients' dynamics daily.

The collected data automatically analyzes and transmits notifications to healthcare professionals for prompt decision-making and improved health outcomes.

In simpler terms, patients get a Congestive Heart Failure(CHF) Care Kit for daily monitoring of Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, and Blood Glucose levels. All metrics automatically go to the HealthStation (Android Tablet), where Patients can check alerts, action history and communicate with Clinicians in real-time.

Healthcare Professionals, in their turn, leverage the web platform to keep track of the metrics, receive notifications, respond to patients, and prescribe appropriate treatments and medications.

🔒Data Privacy

Gera-IT takes the privacy and security of patient data extremely seriously and always commits to providing the highest standard of security and patient data protection.

That is why at the heart of AdaptivMD solution lies superior security, privacy, and compliance protocols. We use the NIST security framework and utilize advanced encryption techniques to keep patient data safe and secure. Specifically, data in transit is securely sent and stored while it is at rest. Additionally, all data is always encrypted, and backups are regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure secureness.

So, with this HIPPA-compliant platform, clinical providers can rest assured that patient data is always secure and managed correctly.

Gera-IT Team is delighted to be an integral part of a solution that enhances the quality of life and enables Seniors to stay independent longer.

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