Automation tool for increasing efficiency of procurement and logistics for global airline company

Automation tool for increasing efficiency of procurement and logistics for global airline company

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
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In 2019 Gera-IT applied for a Dubai Future Accelerator program and we are extremely proud for being selected in the best 5 development companies out of nearly 300 applicants. We received a task from the biggest national Airline company Emirates to develop a solution for the procurement and logistics department of a global enterprise.

Selected out of a pool of 245 applicants, we are proud to have welcomed Gera-IT, the first Ukrainian company to take part in the Dubai Future Accelerators program in partnership with Emirates Airlines to increase the efficiency of their procurement systems. Throughout the 9 week program, I was pleased to witness the teams’ full commitment and drive towards addressing the given Emirates Airlines challenge, analyze their current situation as well as develop a customized system that can be integrated within the airlines

Saeed Al Falasi

Executive Director
Dubai Future Foundation

Project Activities

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Business Analysis
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UX/UI design

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Program and Company overview

We started this project due to participation in the Dubai Future Accelerators Program. This is an initiative launched by the Dubai government with the aim of fostering innovation and collaboration between government entities and cutting-edge technology companies. The program brings together startups, scale-ups, and innovative companies from around the world to work on solving key challenges faced by various government departments and organizations in Dubai. Gera-IT was selected in 2019 among around 300 development companies from all around the world to work for improving the procurement effectiveness of Emirates Airlines.

Emirates is a major international airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is known for its luxurious services and extensive global network. Established in 1985, the airline has grown to become one of the largest and most prominent carriers in the world. Emirates operates a modern fleet of wide-body aircraft, including the iconic Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. The airline is renowned for its commitment to passenger comfort, offering spacious cabins, gourmet cuisine, and cutting-edge in-flight entertainment. With Dubai International Airport serving as its hub, Emirates connects passengers to over 150 destinations across six continents, making it a key player in the global aviation industry.


Emirates Airlines manages a vast network of over 2500 contracts, spanning everything from crew uniforms to food and beverages, in its commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience for passengers. This intricate web of goods and services necessitates meticulous oversight for timely deliveries, payments, quality control, tracking inventory, contract renewals, and more.

The Gera-IT team was invited to spend 2 months onsite in Dubai and it was very valuable. This period was dedicated to a thorough analysis of requirements, engaging in discussions with managers and stakeholders, and gaining insights into the intricacies of Emirates Airlines and the UAE.

Recognizing the potential for substantial growth, Emirates acknowledges annual losses in the millions due to a perceived deficiency in automation and effectiveness. And our investigation helped to reveal the weak areas that need automation and improvements.

Investigation stage and creating an offer

Even though there are ready-made solutions, Emirates needed an individually crafted solution to precisely fit the company's unique requirements. A kind of internal product to optimize the processes.

During 2 months of thorough work on site, starting from the ground up, the team accurately analyzed documents, contracts, and procedures, engaging with departmental managers to ascertain specific needs.  

We worked on the solution mockup, that could address the company’s challenges

Finally the Gera-IT team with CEO Vadym Karpenko, proposed a tailor-made solution called "Smart Contract Management" for Emirates Procurement, that primarily will be focused on:

  • improving visibility & transparency of Contract Terms, adding control points,
  • increasing efficiency by Digital Automation to reduce manual work in emails, xls and reduce human errors.
  • providing instruments for Analysis & Forecasting.
  • maximizing Financial Effectiveness of Contract Management, protecting value and saving costs.  

Tackling challenges, this substantial project required a dedicated team of 10-12 (developers, testers, analysts, and managers) for a projected 1,5 years. Crafting a comprehensive and detailed cost prognosis for the long term was an essential aspect of this cooperation.

Communication posed another hurdle, given the multi-level and multi-departmental structure of the company. Managing diverse visions required adept solutions to meet the needs of all stakeholders. In a condensed time frame of approximately 2 months, we conducted needs analysis, investigations, and devised our solution. Despite the challenges, our team, featuring our best analysts, senior developers, and designers, successfully developed a functional prototype, leaving a lasting impression on the client.

Notably, its scalability also allows potential exportation to other airline companies, cruise companies, and enterprises with diverse procurement and logistics needs.

This experience emphasized our readiness to engage with global enterprises.

Ideas for further evolution of the solution

Supply Chain Ecosystem

The supply chain ecosystem development involves the integration of cloud services for both Emirates and its suppliers. This integration aims to create a seamless and collaborative digital environment, fostering efficient communication and information sharing. To establish trust and transparency, a blockchain decentralized solution is implemented. Furthermore, an automated inventory and logistics system with advisory features is introduced, streamlining operations, optimizing stock levels, and providing strategic insights for decision-making.

Smart Contracts on Blockchain

The incorporation of smart contracts on the blockchain is a key component of the development strategy. Utilizing Hyperledger Fabric, a blockchain framework supported by the Linux Foundation and IBM, this approach allows the creation of secure and independent information channels. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. In the context of Emirates, these smart contracts enhance the efficiency of transactions, automate processes, and ensure the integrity and security of agreements between the airline and its various stakeholders, including suppliers and partners.

Inventory Tracking System

The inventory tracking system focuses on leveraging RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Passive Labels and Active programmable Beacons to enhance visibility and control over the entire supply chain. RFID Passive Labels enable the automated tracking of inventory items, providing real-time information on their location and status. Active programmable Beacons complement this by broadcasting signals that enable precise tracking and monitoring. The system is designed for automation, allowing for the seamless collection of data throughout the supply chain. Additionally, it facilitates the generation of comprehensive reports, offering detailed insights into inventory movements, stock levels, and other relevant metrics, ultimately supporting informed decision-making processes.

What is the global impact of this solution:

It is important for us to work for ideas that make the world a better place, that’s why we are especially interested in social and ecological impact.

Addressing gaps in procurement and logistics management not only prevents substantial financial losses but also promotes sustainability. Smart operational management minimizes waste by setting monitoring over the delivery times and consumption periods.

Moreover, the positive effects extend to global partnerships. As a prominent global company, Emirates can play a pivotal role in educating and aiding its partners in mutual growth. Implementing transparent contracts, smooth management, and stringent control conditions fosters a collaborative environment. Finally, the optimization of processes reduces stress for the Emirates team, contributing to a happier and more serene working environment.

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