An innovative solution providing accurate and reliable testing for essential nutrients

An innovative solution providing accurate and reliable testing for essential nutrients

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Gera-IT’s excellent turnaround time and development work resulted in a thoroughly tested and highly scalable decision-making tool. They demonstrated a genuine interest in the project’s success, proactively giving their own advice to ensure the app’s longevity.

We had previously worked with a freelancer, so Gera-IT took what we had already developed at that point and revamped it. They also fixed some bugs and introduced a lot of new features to the tool.

Gera-IT fixed all of the bugs in the system, made everything more streamlined, and ensured that we have a good foundation for further developments.

Anthony Acquatey-Mensah

Product Manager of
BioAnalyt GmbH

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Back End
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Business Analysis
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BioAnalyt is a cutting-edge project developed to improve global health, especially in low-income countries due to creating portable and rapid testing devices that can accurately measure the content of essential vitamins and minerals in various food and nutritional products.

BioAnalyt is headquartered in Germany and is actively working in several areas, including:

  • Nutritional Programs. To maximize the impact of nutritional programs, it's essential to ensure that essential nutrients reach those who require them the most. This involves assessing nutrient levels at every stage of the food supply chain. Serving as a technical collaborator, we facilitate this process.
  • Food Quality & Safety. BioAnalyt supports global food and ingredient manufacturers, research institutions, and food testing laboratories in reducing expenses related to nutrient testing through the innovative mobile laboratories.
  • Animal Nutritional Solutions. Ensuring optimal vitamin intake is a fundamental aspect of promoting the well-being and performance of animals. With our mobile laboratories, we enable rapid nutritional assessments directly in the field.
  • Human Diagnostic Innovations. BioAnalyt is actively contributing to the worldwide initiative to accelerate the reduction of anemia through pioneering point-of-care anemia diagnostics that extend beyond hemoglobin measurement. The approach enables precise and resilient testing of anemia and its underlying causes in a minimally intrusive manner. These solutions are tailored for resource-limited environments.

The Gera-IT team is mainly involved in the area of checking of Food Quality & Safety. The process appears as using the portable laboratories (iCheck devices) for micronutrient testing, which involves analyzing the presence and concentration of vitamins and minerals that are essential for human health, such as vitamin A, iron, iodine, zinc, and others.

And it has been a significant success, with innovative solutions providing convenient, accurate and reliable testing. These nutrients are critical for maintaining good health but are often lacking in people's diets in low-income countries.

The BioAnalyt project for food quality and safety has gone through several stages of development with mentioned on the picture products and has been working on the new ones. Currently, the most widely used are the devices:

  • Croma3 and Chroma - for measuring Vitamin A in oils.
  • Fluoro - for measuring Vitamin A in food and biological samples.

How does it work?

  • Speed: Results in 5 to 60 minutes.
  • Economy: Cost is only 10% of conventional lab methods.
  • Easy Implementation: Only 1 day of training is required.
  • Scalability: Portable with no set-up calibration required.
  • Accuracy: Performance is comparable to reference lab methods.

Challenges in development

We are incredibly proud of creating a solution that helps to avoid 3rd party applications and Bluetooth adapters.

We made a solution that allowed us to interpret data from the device and parse it to transfer to the application directly.

Using BioAnalyt became more simple and more user-friendly. The process of transferring data became faster as it was shortened. As a result - BioAnalyt appeared as a production-ready solution that doesn’t require much assistance, and the company faced significant growth in demand.


Since 2021, our team has been inspired to work on the BioAnalyt project as it has been recognized for its innovation and impact, receiving numerous awards and accolades. It has also been the subject of several research studies, which have demonstrated the effectiveness and reliability of its testing solutions. We improved the web application, created a mobile App, and now keep on innovating with the BioAnalyt team.

Overall, the BioAnalyt project is a remarkable example of how innovation and technology can be used to improve global health and nutrition. Its ongoing development and expansion promise to bring much-needed solutions to people in low-income countries, helping to reduce malnutrition and improve health outcomes. We are proud of being involved in such an incredible project.

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