Real estate search catalog with social network features.

Real estate search catalog with social network features.

Real estate
Real estate
Team involved

1 Project manager

2 Full-stack engineers


Gera-IT has helped us bring simple to complex ideas to life with simplicity, constructive inputs and hassle free project periods. We are looking forward to build and maintain many more projects in the future with their team.

Mikkel Lindhard

Founder of

Project Activities

Back End
Back End
Front End
Front End

Technologies and Integrations


The application provides a web marketplace for landlords and tenants.

Landlords can upload detailed data about their real estate items.

The application has powerful processing engine that automatically gathers different kind of data about real estate items from a list of other real estate web-sites. This provides ability for tenants to accomplish a detailed search over a rich database of real estate objects.

Application architecture is based on PHP and Java technologies.

Java side covered such parts :

  • data loading from other resources
  • processing of loaded results and updating local database
  • providing API for search engine Solr
  • advanced GEO search

PHP part interacts with Java side thought API. PHP side was built on the base of social engine, which provides ability to include easily social based functionality (forum, friends, messaging etc.) into application.

Most interesting parts in the application from engineering point of view are:

  • Extending of social engine framework according to specific project needs
  • Processing of big amount of real estate data on daily basis (millions of records)
  • Quick and powerful search over real estate data
  • Advanced Geo search by radius, rectangle and complex polygons.
  • Integration of PHP and Java sides through API

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