Сontextual communication solution for advertising

Сontextual communication solution for advertising

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Business Analysis
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Technologies and Integrations


AdJumps is a patented game changing contextual communication solution that takes advantage of WebRTC and Other Web Tools to
▪ Engage the audience more directly
▪ Report the flow of the customer experience
▪ Improve the experience for users and publishers

AdJumps delivers ads via a communications window that can be displayed either on your own website or third-party websites and / or mobile applications regardless of where they are placed.

If the user finds the ad engaging AdJumps opens the communication window without leaving the website of interest; the website the user is currently on. This enables advertisers to use existing media assets in a mobile and online world in a more direct and comprehensive manner. In addition, AdJumps supports better analytics with existing media assets.

Each ad on AdJumps delivers a specific call to action, and expands the opportunity to engage and entice, all while keeping the customer where they want to be and fostering the environment for impulse buying.

AdJumps is a rich media delivery solution and therefore any advertisement form can be adapted to an AdJumps ad. AdJumps advertising is capable of delivering Audio, text, and video ads. The key objective is to deliver the ads whether they are chat, display, voice or video and to deliver the call to action to engage the prospect or customer.

It also enables viewers to share preferences for both interests and desired media. Advertisers can connect directly to their call centers (where operators are standing by), to text coupons codes, push video, etc.

AdJumps is Ad Exchange friendly with the ability to use common Ad Exchange formats to determine the communication references and optimize the experience. The goal is for advertising to be able to jump into a sales opportunity directly while the customer’s impulse is still in play.

How AdJumps works:

  • AdJumps is an advertising exchange allowing ads to access embedded WebRTC clients available on all browser on third-party websites as well as mobile applications to deliver advertising in rotation based on customer analytics.
  • If the user finds the ad engaging WebRTC provides a window to follow the opportunity without leaving the current website of interest.
  • This enables advertisers to use existing media assets in a mobile and online world in a more direct and comprehensive manner. In addition to supporting better analytics with existing media assets.
    Each AdJumps ad delivers a specific call to action, while keeping the customer where they want to be and enabling impulse buying.

Client-Side Experience:

  • Whether on a mobile device or a webpage AdJumps delivers advertising via a communications client. The client is placed on a page or an app.

Publisher Experiences

  • AdJumps is contextually aware of the sites that the viewer is using and the scripted preferences chosen by the publisher.
  • Using WebRTC or other communication tools ads of all Rich Media types are supported and delivered with contextual communication being maintained.
  • AdJumps delivers Ads with a “call to action” forwarding or conferencing capability. In effect each ad is set up as a URI representing its session ID and “Call to Action”. This information can take the interested party to a call center, a website or application.
  • AdJumps Keeps the Publisher and the viewer connected rather than driving them to separate experiences.

Advertising Analytics Improve

  • Knowing the combination of user information and contextual awareness of where they are surfing on the web provides added value to analytics services.
  • Contextual communication with Real Time analytics means ads appear when the customer’s impulse to buy is at its highest.
  • Advertising that is aimed at results is further augmented by WebRTC by embedding actionable communication in the Ad.
  • AdJumps increases the value of ad placement and the opportunity to engage the viewer.

Use cases

Getting Acquainted to Study Abroad

Use Case Summary: A company that aids students in selecting a Study Abroad program to participate in can use AdJumps to deliver ads either on affiliated college sites or connect them directly to popular mobile apps. An AdJumps ad can be used to script the student experience starting with a video of the campus, moving to a bot to answer common questions, followed by an agent either using text, voice, or video communication. Experiences can be further developed to highlight specific areas of study based on the dialogue with the student.

Business Benefits

  • Potential students indicate interest with a variety of media keeping them engaged and enabling better analytics.
  • The Study Abroad service better integrates all of the school’s materials and support systems.
  • Call center personnel are provided details of the potential student’s interests.

Sport Team Sponsorships

Use Case Summary: Sports teams rely on advertising to a great extent. AdJumps adds to the ability to support the advertisers with direct communication. Teams can use AdJumps to deliver ads in rotation. Using AdJumps ad rotation, sponsors can be displayed based on the level of their patronage. When the ad appears, the fan can click on the ad of interest and can engage the sponsor without leaving the sports organization’s webpage. AdJumps advertising stays on the page you are on.

Business Benefits

  • Sports teams get additional revenue from more sponsorship offerings.
  • Advertisers receive better customer analytics showing start to finish interaction data.
  • Teams can share revenue with fan sites and other third-party webpages to display the ads and promote fan loyalty and tickets / merchandise sales.

Real Estate Listing Services

Use Case Summary: In this case the AdJumps ads for the property can be rotated and each ad can be directed to the real estate agent or property manager of the rental property. This can be a part of real estate and rental agency services. It can be an additional value to charge the property. Often these ads are developed already and displayed on your own sites. AdJumps enables these ads to be delivered on other sites such as tourist sites, chambers of commerce or other destination sites.

Business Benefits

  • Brokers can direct inquiries directly to the listing agents.
  • These ads can appear on community websites, search engines and local ad solutions.
  • Brokers and real estate agencies can highlight their sales abilities using AdJumps.

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