GeraERP system for Service Oriented IT companies. System brings projects’ organization to new levels of efficiency and productivity of an IT company.

GeraERP system for Service Oriented IT companies. System brings projects’ organization to new levels of efficiency and productivity of an IT company.

Team involved

1 Business analyst

1 Designer

1 Full-stack engineer

1 QA


Project Activities

Back End
Back End
Business Analysis
Business Analysis
Front End
Front End
UX/UI design
UX/UI design

Technologies and Integrations

Ruby on rails

GeraEPR provides services for managing employees, teams, projects, customers, help to control invoicing, accounting, payroll, time tracking and reporting, and the other aspects of IT business.

Using of GeraERP application helps to:

  • Increase planning efficiency
  • Save time on the routine work
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Improve transparency of company operations

Main modules that can be used in the system are:

  1. Employees → GeraERP allows you to stay on track of your employees' activities: from birthday notifications to managing salary calculations.
  2. Vacations → the system keeps updated information about the vacation of each employee and sends the customers automated email notifications about vacation of an employee they're working with.
  3. TimeSheet Verifications → GeraERP automatically gathers and verifies employees' timesheets according to your settings.
  4. Customers → the increased visibility of the program improves your customer management in a way that you can have a quick view on the customer's activity (e.g., checking the debt per customer, controlling customer access to their systems etc.)
  5. Projects → within the system, you can create the project lists that let you manage customers' relationship (or customers manage their relationships ?? (e.g., check bebt per project, allow billing configuration per project etc.). Project lists let you manage their relationship to customers. Provide a quick view on debt per project. Allows billing configuration per project.
  6. Team → ability to easy configure team structures per project, flexible way in rates definition
  7. Time Records → GeraERP provides powerful tools for working with time records including multiple filters, groupings and other report settings. The system supports records data importing from many different tracking services (e.g., 14Dayz, etc).
  8. Salaries → the system allows you to simplified salary management. This way calculating employee salaries takes just few seconds, you have the ability to track the status and payment status per employee.
  9. Invoices → GeraERP simplifies creating and managing invoices lifecycles, sends automatic debt notifications to customers and generates PDF invoices.
  10. IncomePayments → GeraERP enables you to accurate tracking of customers payment with ability to split single payments into multiple invoices.
  11. Accounting → accounting is always one of the most complicated parts of the business processes. But GeraERP is called to simplify your life, beginning from accurate tracking of income and expenses per category and across different accounts. The system also supports multiple currencies, there is advanced reporting feature that helps you stay on track in the current cycle while providing a convenient view of the history analysis.
  12. Tasks → within the program, admins are able to track the simplest tasks, that allows them to manage all the company organizational issues.
  13. Activity → while easily monitoring all the activity performed in your account, the system provides you with detailed tracking of every action upon the request.
  14. Recruitment → efficient way to manage and work with the potential candidates. Via the platform, you can stay informed on the communication process with each candidate and create your own database of potential employees.
  15. Opportunities → tracking and monitoring of all communications and statuses per each company opportunity.
  16. Security → within the system, high level of security policies are applied, that means that your data is safe and can be only accessed by you.
  17. Data Exporting → exporting all your data in a CSV format.
  18. Transparency with Customers → GeraERP provides added value to your customer relations allowing them to access their invoice details, payment history, as well as review team time reports.
  19. Transparency with Employees → GeraERP improves your employee relations by providing employees with access to their salary and payment histories, vacations, and time reports.

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